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São Paulo Guide recomenda

Santo Grão
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The stylish coffee shop Santo Grão was established by Marco, a New Zealander jetsetter who moved to Brazil after getting married to Renata, a Brazilian woman. Known for its full-bodied coffees, attentive customer services and pleasant ambience, the space is famous for the...

Spa Cidade Jardim
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Spa Cidade Jardim stretches over a 2,650-square meter area marked by an elegant ambience in Shopping Cidade Jardim. Inspired by the best European spas, its services are provided by a highly skilled team, with spa concierge and maid, pleasant lighting, a mix of luxury products,...

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Sophisticated and cool, Dry is one of Jardins’ hottest and most enjoyable points. With drinks prepared by the skilled Rocah, the house is focused on the mixology technique to prepare delicious cocktails and drinks. With a lounge on the upper floor and an underground dance...

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Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel revolutionized the global fashion industry in the 20’s. Her pieces are known for their cut, finish and luxury fabrics. Today, headed by Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel continues to create products that are objects of desire. The designer label is considered...

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One of the best luxury hotels in São Paulo is situated on Oscar Freire St., in the innermost part of the neighborhood of Jardins. The contemporary rooms are divided into five categories, with the Cubo Suite standing out: at the hotel´s top floor, the room extends over an...

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In 2013, the watches form the brand founded by Michael Parmigiani won a showroom at Tools& Toys in Shopping Cidade Jardim. The products are ideal for those who wish to wear items of high quality and refined Swiss design. Among the watches available at the store, there are...